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Lower Deadmans Cay


Not on L&S map - Tatnall only

Thomas Tyack. Origin: Unknown

Thomas received 60 acres of land in the Deadmans Cay area of Long Island on 10 December 1790. He was given a 10-year waiver from payment of quit rent on the land, which suggests to us that he might have been a Loyalist, although unlike most other Loyalists, this is not stated up front on the grant. His land was bounded by that of James Gray, John Morley, John Darville, John Anderson, and Jeremiah Wells; four of these five neighbors were Old Inhabitants. His name and land grant appears on the 1792 Tatnall Map, but not on the current Lands and Surveys Map of Long Island, where it is shown as belonging to The Crown.

We did not find the surname Tyack, or its Tatnall spelling of Tysak, in either early Bahamian or Loyalist records.

References: Land Grant

Thomas Tyack

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