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Doctors Creek


D-140 (300 acres)

Susanna Towson. Origin: Unknown

Susanna/Susan was granted 380 acres in the Doctors Creek settlement of Long Island, though we do not have a copy of her deed, so we do not know when the land was granted. The same parcel is depicted on both the Lands & Surveys Map and the Tatnall Map, so she definitely owned the land in or before 1792. The size of her land grant suggests that her household consisted of her (40 acres) as Head, and an unknown combination of 17 dependent family members and/or slaves (at 20 acres each). It is highly unlikely that she had 17 offspring, so it seems likely that she had somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen or so slaves.

Unfortunately, as we have found no mention of her in either Loyalist documents or early Bahamian records predating 1776, we do not know where she was living prior to receiving this land, or even whether she ever resided on this Long Island acreage. She is therefore of Unknown origin at this time.

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Susanna Towson

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