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Not on L&S map - Tatnall only

Robert Darling. Origin: Unknown

We have been unable to find the Darling surname in early Bahamian records or in Loyalist
Records, except for mention of Rebecca Darling being married to and having children with George Millar (Miller).

Robert Darling is shown on the Tatnall map as having received 100 acres in the Millers area of Long Island. The same land is shown on the Lands and Surveys map as granted to Rebecca Darling on 12 September 1788. It is most likely these two were related; we believe that Robert was the likely father or brother of Rebecca, wife to George Millar. The land was later commuted to the Estate of Robert Millar with whom Rebecca also appears to have had children, it being quite common for a widow to marry her late husband’s brother.

References: Unknown

Robert Darling

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