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D-22 (100 acres, 8 Jul 1790)

Philip Fry. Origin: Unknown

According to Sandra Riley. Philip Fry was a soldier and laborer who received a grant on Abaco, Little Guana Cay, in 1789. He was granted 100 acres in the Pettys area of Long Island on 8 July 1790; this land was bounded by the land of George Calveras, William Simms, and the sea on two sides. His land was later commuted to Arthur Newman. Appendix E of Homeward Bound lists his loyalty as “unproven.” As we were unable to locate his full name or last name in documents of the Bahamas before 1780, we suspect he was a Loyalist, but neither could we identify his name in Loyalist records.

References: HB App. E

Philip Fry

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