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D-130 (40 acres, 10 Jan 1790)

John Reynolds. Origin: Unknown

On 30 June 1792, a John Reynolds married Esther Johnson (born in East Florida) on New Providence. Their son, William Broughton Reynolds, was born 27 September 1793 on New Providence. Since at least the 1720s, there had been Reynoldses in the Bahamas. There had also been a John Reynolds who was a private in the Royal North Carolina Regiment during the American Revolution, and we do not know if this was the same man.

Reynolds was granted 40 acres in the area of Buckley’s on Long Island on 10 January 1790—land that was later commuted to William D. Cartwright. Without a copy of the land grant, we cannot determine whether this John Reynolds was a Loyalist or an Old Inhabitant.

References: DM, LSC, JR

John Reynolds

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