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Deadmans Cay


(40 acres, 8 Jul 1789) Not on L&S map - Tatnall only

John Benzie. Origin: Unknown.

John Benzie was granted 40 acres on Long Island on 8 July 1789. Per the terms of the grant, he was exempt from paying quit rent on the land for 10 years, suggesting that he may have been a Loyalist, though we were unable to locate his surname on any other records of the time, Bahamian or otherwise. It is possible that his last name is misspelled.

This parcel of Benzie’s was bounded by the land of John Gibson, Alexander Gibson, Jessie Goldsmith, and John Rowland – and over a year later he received another grant for 40 acres on Long Island (10 Nov. 1790).

Reference: Grant

John Benzie

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