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Presumed Late Grantees

Those individuals we have categorized as “Presumed Late Grantees” are both those individuals for whom we can definitively document a land grant dating after 1830, and those individuals for whom we have no grant date, but based upon the fact that their grants were less than 30 acres (often around 20 acres), we assume are Late Grantees. Most Presumed Late Grantees received their land after the passage by the Bahamian legislature of the Commutation Act of 1847, when the Crown regranted parcels of land (“deeds of commutation”). This act allowed individuals who were physically occupying land to back-pay overdue quit rents for land that had been seized from the original grantee or his/her heirs and assigns, and to become the owner of the land in fee simple. 

An escheat occurred when all the “issue” (children) of the original grantee died, and the granted land returned to the Crown to be re-issued. Long Island had numerous examples of both of these types of land conveyance. With a few notable exceptions such as the Calabash Limited acquisition in 1962 of Galiot Cay and Cape Santa Maria following passage of the “Quieting Titles Act” of 1959, a majority of the Presumed Late Grantees received their land between 1847 and 1873. A small handful received their land in 1918-1919 for reasons we did not explore. This class of individuals has not been explored for this phase of the project, but more work to flesh out them and their lives is tentatively planned for later phases.


Name: Settlement

Prince ?: Upper Tatnalls

Allen Adderley: Stella Maris

Dim Adderley: Stella Maris

Peter Adderley: Upper Tatnalls

Prince Adderley: Upper Tatnalls

S. Adderley: Stella Maris

Pollydore Bethel: Buckleys

W. Bow (William Bowe): Lower Deadmans Cay

Jane Bowe (Bow): Buckleys

Lewis Bowe (Bow): Upper Tatnalls

David Andrew Brice: Sam McKinnons

Joseph Butler: Oneils-Scrub Hill

Rev. Henry Capers (Capron): Sam McKinnons

Archibald Cartwright: Benzies

Charles A Cartwright: Lower Deadmans Cay

Thomas Cartwright: Cartwright

Joseph H. Deal: Deals

Bandy Dean: Doctors Creek

James Dean: Doctors Creek

William Dean: Roses

Emily Dorsett: Oneils-Scrub Hill

David Evans: Deals

Smart Farrington: Upper Tatnalls

Archy Gardener: Benzies

Caesar Gibson: Benzie's

Lydia Glenton (Glinton): Oneils-Scrub Hill

Dennis Gray: Morris

Daniel Harden: Upper Tatnalls

David Harden: Upper Tatnalls

Sawyer Harden: Upper Tatnalls

Joseph Hardy: Lower Deadmans Cay

Clarissa Jones: Upper Tatnalls

? Knowles: Upper Tatnalls

Arthur Knowles: Doctors Creek & Upper Tatnalls

Cato Knowles: Bains & Upper Tatnalls

Comoda (B) Knowles: Morris

E. Esau Knowles: Upper Tatnalls

Edward Knowles: Upper Tatnalls

Eleanor Knowles: McKenzies

Elijah Knowles: Morris

Francis S. Knowles: Morris

Ishmael Knowles: Upper Tatnalls

James Knowles: Upper Tatnalls, Upper East Channel Cay

John Knowles: Upper Tatnalls

Joseph Knowles: Doctors Creek

Micheal Knowles: Benzies

Peter Knowles: Upper Tatnalls

Samuel Knowles: Benzies

T. Knowles: Upper Tatnalls

William Knowles: Alligator Bay, Bains, Upper Tatnalls

John Knowles : Upper Tatnalls

Cash Laurimer: Benzies

Calabash limited: Seymours/Hog Cay/Galliot Cay

Charles Lopez: Benzies

Charles Lucas: Benzies

Japheth V. Malone: Upper Tatnalls

S. A. McPhee: Upper Tatnalls

? Millar: Sam McKinnons

J. Millar: Sam McKinnons

? Miller: Sam McKinnons

D. Miller: Upper Tatnalls

David Miller: Sam McKinnons

T. Miller: Sam McKinnons

Thomas Miller: Sam McKinnons

Henry Murray: Benzies

Amos Pinder: Clarencetown

James Pinder: Clarencetown

Alexander Pratt: Deals

John Pratt: Oneils-Scrub Hill

Pompey Pratt: Oneils-Scrub Hill

Thomas Pratt: Oneils-Scrub Hill

William Pratt: Oneils-Scrub Hill

E. Rahming: Deals

James Rahming: Oneils-Scrub Hill

T. Rahming: Deals

Thomas Rahming: Oneils-Scrub Hill

Toby Rahming: Deadmans Cay

? Smith: Oneils-Scrub Hill

C. Smith: Oneils-Scrub Hill

Copeland Smith: Oneils-Scrub Hill

E. Smith: Stella Maris

J. Smith: Oneils-Scrub Hill

J. ?. Smith: Oneils-Scrub Hill

James Smith: Oneils-Scrub Hill

Jarred Smith: Oneils-Scrub Hill

July Smith: Oneils-Scrub Hill

March Smith: Deals

Monday Smith: Oneils-Scrub Hill

Moses Smith: Deals

Samuel Smith: Stella Maris

William Smith: Oneils-Scrub Hill

Charles Taylor: Berrys

Cinderella Taylor: Upper Tatnalls

Henry Taylor: Bains

Jack Taylor: Deadmans Cay

King Taylor: Deadmans Cay

M. Taylor: Deadmans Cay

Manual Taylor: Doctors Creek

Robert Taylor: Upper Tatnalls

Sampson Taylor: Upper Tatnalls

Scipio Taylor: Deadmans Cay

T. Taylor: Lower Deadmans Cay

Theodore Taylor: Alligator Bay

William Taylor: Upper Tatnalls

Robert Thompson: Upper Tatnalls

Duncan Wallace: Roses

Nelson Wallace: Upper Tatnalls

Diana Watkins: Cabbage Point

July Wells: Upper Tatnalls

Washington Wells: Deadmans Cay

William Wells: Old Grays

Hardy Williams: Clarencetown

E. Wilson: Oneils-Scrub Hill

Edinborough Wilson: Oneils-Scrub Hill

Essex Wilson: Andersons

John Wilson: Old Grays

Octavious Wilson: Benzies

Peter Wright: Benzies

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