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There were also 12 heads of household who were neither American Loyalists nor Old Inhabitants, but rather had arrived on Long Island from such disparate locales as Scotland, East Florida, Antigua, West Florida, and Jamaica. There was a surprisingly large number of individuals and families who had been living in either East or West Florida before the widespread confiscations of American Loyalist properties had begun. They were living outside the 13 Colonies in America by choice, settled in either a strip of land in East Florida, or the vast territory of West Florida, which went all the way to the Mississippi River. We gave these grantees the label of “Other.” Unfortunately, previous researchers do not appear to have separated out these old Florida settlers from American Loyalists fleeing East Florida in 1783, and this is one part of what we believe the problem has been in almost all previous overestimations of the numbers of Loyalists arriving after 1783.

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