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Salt Pond


D-156 (585 acres, 7 Jun 1791)

Martin Jollie. Origin: Other

In “Scottish Emigration to Colonial America 1607-1785,” author David Dobson states that Martin Jollie went from East Florida to Exuma, Bahamas, with 31 blacks. He was granted 585 acres in the Salt Pond area on Long Island on 7 June 1791. This land was later commuted to Henry Harden, presumably one of the early members of the large Harding family.

However, there is no evidence that Jollie was a temporary refugee in East Florida because he had lost land elsewhere in the colonies, so we decided that he was actually an early East Florida resident, and therefore, neither Loyalist nor Old Inhabitant. Martin Jollie was granted 300 acres of land in East Florida 1768. In 1776, Martin Jollie was a judge and a member of the East Florida Council.

On the Tatnall Map, along with other creative spellings of numerous grantees, the Jollie last name is spelled “Tollice.”

References: Siebert, Dobson, David Library of the Amer. Revolution (257/128)

Martin Jollie

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