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Thompson Bay


D-45 (80 acres, 10 Jul 1788), D-75 (60 acres, 27 Mar 1789)

John Braddock. Origin: Other

John Cutler Braddock, who was the nephew of Loyalist Captain William Lyford Jr. was himself an American patriot, having command of one of three galleys captured by the British in the American Revolution. Although they had chosen opposing sides in the American Revolution, his uncle Lyford persuaded Braddock to join the Deveaux mission to “recapture” the Bahamas from the Spanish in March-April 1783. Although he joined a group of Loyalists mixed with Bahamian conchs, he does not meet the definition of either.

Braddock received two land grants in the current settlement of Thompson’s Bay on Long Island: 80 acres (10 July 1788) and 60 acres (27 March 1789). The 60-acre grant was bounded by the land of Benjamin Thompson and Richard Culmer (both Old Inhabitants), the sea, and his earlier 80-acre grant.

John Braddock died on 17 August 1804.

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John Braddock

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