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D-37 (40 acres, 9 Jun 1788)

Charles Farquharson. Origin: Other.

Charles Farquharson, known for having left a journal of his waning years on his 1500-acre cattle plantation on Watlings Island (San Salvador), also received a small grant of 40 acres on Long Island in the Miley area on 9 June, 1788.

In Homeward Bound he is described as a Scot and a “presumed Loyalist.” He had three sons by his “faithful companion” Kitty Davies, alias Dixon. He and Kitty are buried next to each other on San Salvador.

We found no records of Farquharsons in early Bahamian records nor could we find him in Loyalist sources. Therefore, we have selected origin “Other.”

References: HB, Farquharson Journal

Charles Farquharson

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