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D-37 (1173 acres, 11 Jul 1788)

Alexander Murray. Origin: Other

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander (also listed as “Alex”) Murray was the son of John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore (“Lord Dunmore”), who was governor of the Bahamas from 1787 to 1796. Lord Dunmore granted to his son, Alexander Murray, 1,173 acres on 11 July 1788 in the area of Dunmores, immediately north of his father’s own grant on Long Island.

In the 1822 Slave Register, an Alex Murray of New Providence states that he owns 28 slaves, two of which are on Long Island. We listed Alexander Murray as “Other” because he was the son of the man appointed as Governor by the British Crown and, as such, is neither a Loyalist nor an Old Inhabitant.

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Alexander Murray

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