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Old Grays

Land Grants

D-61 (67 acres, 21 Nov 1788)

William Wilson Jr. Origin: Old Inhabitant

William Wilson Jr. was almost certainly the son of William Wilson whom we believe was an Old Inhabitant. William Wilson received four land grants on Long Island totaling 827 acres. William Wilson Jr. received a grant of 67 acres on 21 November 1788 in the Old Grays area of Long Island that was bounded by the land of William Wilson, Esq.; an “Ocean Hole”; and a “white pond and salina.” His grant states that quit rent is waived for two years, indicating that he was an Old Inhabitant. The land grant of William Wilson Esq. which bounds that of William Wilson Jr. is also
67 acres.

A William Wilson, Loyalist, received land in Abaco in 1789. We believe the Long Island William Wilson and William Wilson Jr. were Old Inhabitants as the name was common in the Bahamas, the land grants did not state Loyalist, and quit rent was exempt for only two years.

Records show that a William Wilson married Catherine/Katherine Cochran/Cockran (Old Family Name) in New Providence on 14 March 1771, the same year this couple fathered a James Wilson. Another William Wilson, husband of Sarah, fathered Susannah Sophia Wilson, who was born on Long Island in 1798. As with other common names, it is difficult to discern exactly which biographical information is correct for this grantee, but we are certain he and his father were Old Inhabitants.

References: HB App E., Grant

William Wilson Jr.

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