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Land Grants

D-157 (190 acres, 22 Dec 1791)

William Walker. Origin: Old Inhabitant

William Walker acted as a Commissary General of St. Vincent before relocating to West Florida in 1776. He brought with him an overseer and 37 slaves. There he received two large land grants totaling 3000 acres. When the Spanish captured Pensacola, he took refuge in the Bahamas.

The above information was taken from The Parrish Manuscripts.

Walker received a land grant of 190 acres on Long Island in the current settlement of Bunches on 22 December 1791. Ruins of his plantation, including a small graveyard, may still be found near the Bunches settlement.

This is a common name and a William Walker is listed in Loyalists of the Southern Campaign as having fought with a Georgia militia. In his Long Island land grant, Mr. Walker is given
two years exemption from quit rent. As Loyalists were in general given a 10-year exemption,
this would imply he was not a Loyalist. There was a William Walker born on New Providence in 1727.

References: DM, JR, CO23, Parrish

William Walker

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