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Glintons & Pinders

Land Grants

D-19 (80 acres, 9 July 1790), D-89 (40 acres, 31 May 1788)

William Culmer (Comber, Comer, Cullimore). Origin: Old Inhabitant.

A member of the old Bahamian Culmer (Comer/Cullimore/ Comber) family, William Culmer was granted 80 acres 9 July 1790 in the current settlement of Glintons, bounded by the land of Robert Hunt, Abraham Pratt, and a salina. He had also received a 40-acre grant in the Pinders area of Long Island on 31 May 1788.

Members of this family are listed in almost all the older 18th century records in the Bahamas: John Cullimore in the 1727 “List of Men Who Can Bear Arms,” Charles and Rebecca Culmer each had wills enumerated in the period 1700-1750, Peter Colmer is enumerated in the 1734 Fitzwilliam Census, a son was born to William Culmer on New Providence in 1773, and numerous other examples.

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William Culmer

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