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Land Grants

D-71 (400 acres, 4 Jul 1788)

William Bunch. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

William Bunch had married Mary (last name unknown) in 1775 on Long Island. He then received 400 acres on Long Island in what is the current settlement of Bunches on 4 July 1788.

On the Tatnall map, this land is shown as belonging to Mary Bunch, so it is likely that William died between 1788 and 1792 (the date of the Tatnall map), and left his land to his widow, Mary. Bunch is a surname found in the Bahamas back to at least the early part of the 18th century. In fact, there had been Bunches in the Bahamas since at least 1704, in which year a John Bunch was listed as a signatory in a petition to the Royal Customs Officer for New Providence, documenting the dire circumstances the inhabitants found themselves in after a series of degradations by Spaniards.

Reference: DM.

William Bunch

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