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Lower Deadmans Cay

Land Grants

D-42 (100 acres, 25 Feb 1791)

Samuel Griffin. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

Samuel Griffin married Mary on 23 May 1775, on New Providence, which is why we identified him as an Old Inhabitant. He was granted 100 acres in the Lower Deadmans Cay area of Long Island on 15 July 1786. The land was surrounded by that of James Gray, William Cash, and James Pritchard. The land was subsequently released and granted to Marmaduke Darville on 14 and 16 May 1791, and even later, it was commuted to Charles Carroll. That this name was not in actuality “Samuel Griffith” as depicted on the Tatnall map is supported by the fact that we found no appropriate/relevant records for “Griffith” in either early Bahamas documents, or in Loyalist literature, and the fact that this same parcel is labeled “Samuel Griffin” on the Lands & Surveys map.

References: DM, LDS.

Samuel Griffin

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