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Mangrove Bush & Deadmans Cay

Land Grants

D-149 (140 acres, 2 Jul 1791), D-53 (340 acres, 22 Jun 1789)

Roger Bow(e). Origin: Old Inhabitant.

Roger Bowe married Mary Fox on 20 April 1765, in Nassau. Their son, also Roger, was born 20 April 1780. Roger Sr. was granted 140 acres in what is now the Lower Deadmans Cay settlement of Long Island on 22 June 1789. The land was later commuted to George. R. Knowles. Bowe was also granted 340 acres in the Mangrove Bush area of Long Island on 2 July 1791. It was bounded by the land of William Bow, John Hunt (both Old Inhabitants), and by the sea on two sides.

Reference: DM.

Roger Bow

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