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Stella Maris

Land Grants

Not on L&S map - Tatnall only

Robert Culmer. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

A member of the old Bahamian Culmer (Comer/Cullimore/ Comber) family, Robert Culmer was born on New Providence before 18 January 1768. His father was Thomas Culmer and his mother Mary. Robert received two grants of 60 acres each on Long Island, both on 21 February 1791. On both he was granted a two-year waiver of quit rent, as was the case for all Old Inhabitants. One grant parcel is bounded by the land of Benjamin ?, Hannah Mott, the sea, and ?. The other grant is in too poor a condition to read clearly. Since the land of Constance Culmer in the Stella Maris area of Long Island is bounded by that of Robert Culmer, this second 60-acre grant was most likely in that area.

Robert Culmer’s grants are on the Tatnall, map but he does not appear on the Lands & Surveys map.

Reference: DM

Robert Culmer

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