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Simms & Doctors Creek

Land Grants

D-104 (300 acres, 22 October 1790), D-135 (300 acres, 22 October 1790), D-136 (300 acres, 22 October 1790)

Parr Ross. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

Parr Ross (a distinctive name) was married to Susannah Bill (daughter of Long Island grantee John Bill and wife Hannah), and their first child, George, was born on 19 November 1770 in New Providence. Parr Ross was Speaker of the House in the Bahamas from 1776 until 1782, then a judge on New Providence in 1782, a position called “Justice of the Peace,” and finally the Receiver General until October of 1786. He was granted the following two parcels of land on Long Island in the current settlement of Simms: 300 acres granted 12 Nov. 1788, and a parcel of 144 acres granted 13 Nov. 1790. Both parcels were later commuted to the government, and then granted to Joseph Simms -- and possibly Samuel Simms.

Parr Ross received a third land grant on Long Island of 300 acres in the current settlement of Doctors Creek 23 June 1789. This land was also later commuted. The fact that he died around 1792 explains why his land grants were commuted.

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Parr Ross

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