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Burnt Ground & Stella Maris

Land Grants

D-147 (Unknown acres, May 1789), D-118 (60 acres, 19 Jul 1789)

Neptune Curtis Jr. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

The Curtis name is found in the 1731 and 1740 Bahamas Censuses and other early records of the Bahamas. Several members of this old family received land grants on Long Island after the close of the American Revolution; Neptune Curtis Jr. is listed in the 1740 Census, residing with his wife, Elizabeth, and son, Neptune Jr. Neptune Jr. received a grant of 60 acres in the Stella Maris settlement of Long Island on 19 July 1789. He also received a grant for an unknown quantity of acres in the Burnt Ground area in May 1789.

A grant was also located, dated 22 February 1790, to Neptune Curtis for 20 acres of land bounded by the land of Eunice Curtis on two sides, the sea, and a creek, but we are unsure as to whether this was the father or the son.

The Curtis name is found in the 1740 Bahamas Census and other early records of the Bahamas. A Neptune is listed in the 1740 Census, with wife, Frances, and children, Charity, Richard, Andrew, and Faith. Neptune (to whom we refer as Neptune Sr., although he was at least the second Neptune) is also listed in the census in a separate household with wife, Elizabeth, and son Neptune Jr. This means there were three Neptune Curtises listed in 1740, and per the 1734 Firzwilliam Census, this was a “Free Black or Mulatto” family.

Reference: 1740 Census.

Neptune Curtis Jr.

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