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Deadmans Cay

Land Grants

D-87 (80 acres, 31 Nov 1788)

Marmaduke Darville. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

Marmaduke Darville was born on New Providence on 26 June 1768 to Jeremiah and Rebecca Darville. Their daughter Mary Darville was the wife of John Petty, also a Long Island planter.

Darville was granted 80 acres of land in the Deadmans Cay area of Long Island on 31 November 1788. This parcel was bounded by the land of Sophia Darvill, Sarah Maycock, Jeremiah Darvill, and by vacant land. The Darville family has a long and illustrious history in the Bahamas.

Note: this last name is also spelled “Darvil” and “Darvill” in older Bahamian records.

Reference: DR.

Marmaduke Darville

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