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Land Grants

D-31 (180 acres, 4 Jul 1788)

Joseph Fox. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

Joseph Fox was married in 1755 on New Providence to Sarah. Their children were Mary, Martha, and John. He received 180 acres (D-31) in the Grays area of Long Island on 4 July 1788, although there is evidence to suggest that he was present on Long Island long before that (1776, at least).

There are several Foxes listed in the 1734 Census as living on New Providence. Some are listed as white, while others as “free mulattos and negros.” In fact, it is probable that their antecedent Ephraim Fox was one of the original Eleutheran Adventurers who arrived in the Bahamas in 1647.
The first settlement on Long Island established no later than 1776 (with Fox, Knowles, Simms families) was at The Crossing, now the south end of Salt Pond settlement.

References: DR, 1734 Census, DM, LDS.

Joseph Fox

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