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Deadmans Cay

Land Grants

Not on L&S map - Tatnall only

John Griffin. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

The last will and testament of John Griffin (listing his son John Griffin, presumably either Jr. or II) was probated in Nassau in 1763, so we know that he was an Old Inhabitant, already living in the Bahamas long before the start of the American Revolutionary War.

Griffin received 40 acres of land on Long Island. His name appears only on the Tatnall map (#156), but not on the official Lands & Surveys map, which depicts this land grant area as blank. We are assuming this is “John Griffin” and that the label of “John Griffith” on the Tatnall map was one of the many orthographic errors thereon, especially as “Samuel Griffin” is shown on the Lands & Survey map, in Lower Deadman’s Cay.

Reference: JR.

John Griffin

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