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Wemyss, The Bight & Gordons

Land Grants

D-53 (40 acres, 25 Jun 1788), D-152 (100 acres, 2 Feb 1789), D-116 (180 acres, 2 July 17??)

John Duncan. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

John Duncan was married to Debra Curtis on New Providence on 21 November 1775. His son, Isaac, was born 9 July 1776. He received 3 land grants on Long Island. On 2 July 17??, Duncan was granted 180 acres in the current settlement of Wemyss, a second grant for 40 acres in The Bight was issued 25 June 1788, and a third grant of 100 acres on 2 February 1789 in Gordons. This last parcel is depicted on the Tatnall map as having been granted to “John Dunn,” which we are in agreement is an orthographic error and is supposed to be “John Duncan.” The Tatnall map is rife with orthographic errors.

A John Duncan is listed in Loyalists of the Southern Campaign as a private in Captain Charles Stewart Lindsey’s Company, South Carolina Royalists out of Camden, South Carolina. However, as noted above, we also identified an Old Inhabitant with this same, very common, Scottish name. We decided that the subject Long Island land grantee was the old inhabitant, John Duncan, based on the family genealogy records in the Dolly Mae CD produced by the Wyannie Malone Museum.

Reference: DM, LSC.

John Duncan

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