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The Bight

Land Grants

D-52 (100 acres, 28 Jul 1788), D-63 (40 acres, 24 Oct 1788)

John Drudge. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

John Drudge was born on New Providence in 1764, although the same date is listed for the birth of William Drudge, so unless they were twins, one is almost certainly off a bit. John received two parcels of land in The Bight on Long Island: 100 acres on 28 July 1788, and 40 acres on 24 October 1788, these parcels were listed as “vacant” by the time Josiah Tatnall’s map of 1792 was produced. We believe he was only on Long Island for a very short time.

Reference: DM, LDS

John Drudge

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