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Land Grants

D-139 (256 acres, 13 Jul 1790)

John Brown. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

In Parrish manuscripts, John Brown is described as an old resident who “filled vacancies at a moment’s notice.” He acted as President during the absence of Governor Montfort Browne; on 20 March 1776, John Brown became President when Ezekiel Hopkins made his raid on Nassau on the 15th of that month and carried away with him Governor Browne. It appears John Brown was President until July 1776.

John Brown was granted 256 acres of land on Long Island in the area of Berrys on 13 July 1790. The land was bounded by the lands of Thomas Emmanuel (unknown to us), and Loyalist grantees John Hogan and Donald Ferguson. A John Brown married Sarah Howell in New Providence 12 November 1753, though of course we cannot determine whether this was the same John Brown.

Lockey lists a John Browne as a resident of East Florida in 1783, and there is also a John Brown listed as a soldier fighting for the British in Loyalists of the Southern Campaign. As this is such a common name, it is difficult to determine if this grantee John Brown was an Old Inhabitant, Loyalist, or neither. We have selected Old Inhabitant.

References: DM, Lockey, LSC

John Brown

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