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Lower Deadmans Cay & New Found Harbour Islands

Land Grants

D-46 (220 acres, 2 Oct 1790), D-130 (20 acres, 2 Oct 1790)

Jeremiah Wells. Origin: Old Inhabitant

Jeremiah was granted 220 acres in the Lower Deadmans Cay area of Long Island on 2 October 1790. The land was bounded by that of Joseph Pritchard, John Darvill on two sides, and by vacant land.
Jeremiah’s wife was Charlotte. This land was later commuted to Ochra Newman. Jeremiah also received 20 acres in the New Found Harbour area on the same date. This was on the western Blue Hole Cay near Long Island.

A Jeremiah Wells was born on New Providence 17 January 1760 to Francis and Catherine Wells.

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Jeremiah Wells

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