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Land Grants

D-152 (1000 acres, 24 Apr 1792), (860 acres, 11 Aug 1789)

James Rose. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

James Rose was granted 860 acres on 11 August 1789, and then 1000 acres on 24 April 1792 in what is now the Roses area of Long Island. These grant parcels were bounded by the lands of Lord Dunmore; Alexander McQueen; James Ridley; Hugh and William Dean; Bromfield Bonamy; and by a salina. On his grant, quit rent was waived for only two years.

A James Rose received a land grant in Nova Scotia at the end of the American Revolution. He was a wig maker from Virginia – a Loyalist -- and arrived as a family of two with one servant. Receiving land in the same vicinity on Nova Scotia were also Long Island grantees John Ferguson, Walter Turnbull, and Daniel Sutherland. It was not uncommon for Loyalists to get Nova Scotia grants, but quickly abandon them for the warmer climes of the Bahamas, and this was particularly true of southern colonists, though we have no records of James Rose in the original 13 American Colonies.

On the contrary, a Henry Rose was born on New Providence 20 August 1756. His father was John Rose and his mother Jehodan Garraway. The Will of John Rose was probated in 1760. We selected Old Inhabitant as the origin of the John Rose who received these two Long Island land grants.

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James Rose

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