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Upper East channel Key

Land Grants

D-132 (40 acres)

. Fox. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

Someone identified only as “J. Fox” was the grantee of the east half of Upper East Channel Cay (D-132 (40 acres), 16 March 1790. in Newfound Harbor. It is probable that this grantee was either John or Joseph Fox, but we have no way to determine which one it is. This island is not listed on the Tatnall map, and we did not locate the grant.

The Foxes and Knowles were two of the earliest Long island settler famillies, having arrived between 1740 and 1776. Both families are presumed to have been persons of color, having lived in a tight knit community in Nassau, as mentioned by other historians. The first settlement on Long Island (with Fox, Knowles, and Simms families) was at The Crossing, now the south end of Salt Pond settlement. Regardless of which Fox this was, he was almost certainly an Old Inhabitant, and part of the large and industrious family, with the Knowleses and Simmses.

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J. Fox

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