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Newton Cay

Land Grants

D-84 (120 acres, 20 Oct 1788)

Henrietta Micklethwaite. Origin: Old Inhabitant

On 20 October 1788, Henrietta Micklethwaite received a grant of 120 acres on Newton Cay, at the far northern end of Long Island. Her husband, Richard Micklethwait, was a New Providence merchant, and her mother, Mary Rowland, was from an old Bahamian family. Mary Rowland’s will was probated on 2 October 1758. She was listed as a widow. She left her lot and house on the bay, formerly called the White House, plus all furniture, to her daughter Henrietta. The will of Richard, Henrietta’s husband, was probated on 30 June 1760, leaving one third of his estate to Henrietta and the other two thirds to their sons, Richard and James.

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Henrietta Micklethwaite

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