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Burnt Ground , Benzies

Land Grants

D-57 (500 acres, 24 Jul 1788), D-165 (50 acres, 3 Mar 1846)

George Johnson. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

The son of Samuel and Evelyn Johnson, George Johnson was born on Eleuthera on 24 December 1747 and married Susannah Hewitt, another Long Island grantee. Mr. Johnson received a grant for 500 acres on Long Island on 24 July 1788. Quit rent was waived for only two years, confirming to us that he was almost certainly an Old Inhabitant. Johnson’s land in what is now the settlement of Burnt Ground was bounded by the land of William Johnston, Eve and Adderley, the sea, and Jew Fish Creek.

Reference: DR, DM, Grant.

George Johnson

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