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Land Grants

D-97 (78 acres, 9 Nov 1788)

Faith Kelly. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

A Robert Robertson Kelly was born on New Providence on 13 January 1768, though we cannot tie Robert to Faith. Faith Kelly received a grant of 78 acres in what is now the Cartwright area of Long Island on 9 October 1790, with a quit rent waiver of two years—eight years less than she would have received had she been a Loyalist. This land was later commuted to William D. Cartwright.

Faith might have been a woman, but on the land grant, Faith is referred to by a masculine pronoun, although this was likely a mistake. A Faith Kelly gave birth to a son on 9 November 1768, twenty years to the day before receiving a grant of land on Long Island.

Reference: DM, Grant

Faith Kelly

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