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Land Grants

D-72 (200 acres, 27 Mar 1789)

Edward Lane. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

An Edward Lane married Catherine Thompson on 22 February 1776 in Nassau, Bahamas. An Edward Lane fought for the British during the American Revolution, serving as a Quartermaster in 1778 in South Carolina. These two Edward Lanes could be two different people – or it could be one individual who moved from the Bahamas to South Carolina between 1776 and 1778. We ultimately decided that this was unlikely, that they were separate individuals, and that the Edward Lane who married on New Providence in 1776, an Old Inhabitant, was the Long Island Edward Lane.

Edward Lane was granted 200 acres of land in the Roses area of Long Island on 27 March 1789. It was bounded by that of Loyalists Archibald Campbell, Hugh Dean, and by the sea. Quit rent on the land was waived for 10 years, though the deed did not label him as a Loyalist.

References: LSC, DM, Grant

Edward Lane

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