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Thompson Bay

Land Grants

D-48 (80 acres, 1 Feb 1791)

Benjamin Thompson. Origin: Old Inhabitant

Benjamin Thompson received a grant for 80 acres of land in the Thompson’s Bay area of Long Island on 1 February 1791. There are a handful of early records for the name Benjamin Thompson in the Dolly Mae records at the Wyannie Malone Museum in Hopetown, Abaco, but it is impossible to determine which was the Long Island grantee.

For instance, a Benjamin Thompson was born on New Providence on 17 April 1765 to John and Alice Thompson; a Benjamin Thompson married Sarah Frith 9 April 1761 on New Providence; and there was a Benjamin Thompson born on Harbour Island as early as 1732. There were Thompsons in the early Bahamas censuses and the 1723 Assessment of Maintenance for a Minister. Thus it is clear that Benjamin Thompson was an Old Inhabitant.

References: JR, Dolly Mae

Benjamin Thompson

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