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Newton Cay, Seymours, Galliot Cay

Land Grants

D-84 (80 acres, 21 Mar 1791), D-58 (242 acres, 31 May 1788?), 50 acres Galliot Cay only on Tatnall Map

Benjamin Newton. Origin: Old Inhabitant

A Benjamin Newton and his wife Margaret had a son, Joseph, born 12 May 1767, and a son born 28 May 1772 both on New Providence. They also had a daughter named Amelia, born 19 September 1769. The surname Newton is listed in the 1731 Woodes Rogers’ Census. Benjamin was a master mariner.

He received three land grants on Long Island: 31 May 1788(?) of 242 acres in the current settlement of Seymours; and 80 acres on Newton Cay on 21 March 1791, depicted on the Lands & Surveys map. On the Tatnall map, Newton is also depicted as owning a small parcel on Galiot Cay. On the land grant of 1791, Benjamin was exempt from paying quit rent for two years further indicating he was an Old Inhabitant. Loyalists were generally granted a waiver of ten years.

References: DM, DR, Grant

Benjamin Newton

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