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Sam McKinnons

Land Grants

D-97 (140 acres, 17 Dec 1790)

Benjamin McKinney. Origin Old Inhabitant.

A Benjamin McKinney married Mary Thompson 15 August 1782, in New Providence, which is prior to, but nearly on the cusp of, the great Loyalist influx from East Florida, 1783-85. We also discovered there was a Benjamin McKinney who married Susannah Rahming on 29 September 1785, though we cannot be certain they are the same man, or that either is the Long Island grantee.

The surnames McKennie and McKenny are found in early Bahamian census records -- the 1740 census and the 1731 Census, respectively. Benjamin McKinney was granted 140 acres in the Sam McKinnons area of Long Island, though his land was later commuted to the Estate of Robert Miller.

Reference: DM, Commutations Index

Benjamin McKinney

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