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Stella Maris

Land Grants

Not on L&S map - Tatnall only

Barack Morton. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

Barack Morton was married to Deborah Sands on New Providence on 8 December 1778. He was granted 180 acres of land in the Stella Maris area of Long Island on 9 April, 1793. Morton’s land, as depicted only on the Tatnall map, was bounded by that of Thomas Roker and John Miller; John Miller; Constance, Thomas, and Robert Culmer; and by the sea. This land grant area was subsequently owned by “Late Grantees,” as mapped on the Lands & Surveys map.

The Mortons were a “Free Black or Mulatto” family, per the 1734 Census.

Reference: DM, 1734 Census

Barack Morton

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