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Sam McKinnons

Land Grants

D-96 (360 acres, 30 Oct 17?9)

Anthony McKinney. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

Anthony McKinney was married 25 May 1773 in New Providence, and his son James was born 26 November 1775, also in Nassau. These facts show that he was clearly an Old Inhabitant, living in the Bahamas long before the influx of Loyalists, though we were able to find nothing else about him.

He received a 360 acre land grant on Long Island in the Sam McKinnons area on 30 Oct. 17?9 (the decadal year is illegible on his grant).

On the Tatnall map his last name is spelled “McKenny.” There are 8 McKenney family members across three households listed in the 1734 Fitzwilliams Census who race was indicated as “Free Black or Mulatto.”

Reference: JR, DM, 1734 Census

Anthony McKinney

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