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Land Grants

D-7 (200 acres, 17 Dec 1788)

Ann Thompson. Origin: Old Inhabitant

Ann Thompson received a grant of 200 acres of land in the Bowers area of Long Island on 17 December 1788. She is not mentioned as a Loyalist, nor are her quit rent payments waived for ten years, as they would have been for a Loyalist.

The earliest familial reference was when a “Captain Thompson” was assigned land on “Providence Island,” Bahamas, between 1719 and 1722. We also have confirmation that Thompsons were present in the Bahamas as early as 1723, per the Assessment for the Maintenance of a Minister, during Governor Phenney’s administration. More specifically, an Ann Thompson married William Sands of Eleuthera Island on 16 June 1758, and an Ann Thompson was born on New Providence in 1772. So while we cannot say with certainty that any of these were the same person as the Long Island grantee, we presume that one of them was, and that she was an Old Inhabitant.

References: DM, JR

Ann Thompson

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