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Salt Pond & Thompson Bay

Land Grants

D-133 (153 acres, 1 Feb 1791), D-82 (100 acres, 1 Feb 1791)

Alice Thompson. Origin: Old Inhabitant

There was an Alice Thompson born in 1762 on New Providence, who was possibly our grantee, or perhaps her daughter with Alexander Thompson, as we so often find parents naming their children after themselves. It seems likely that Alice the grantee was widowed by 1794. On the (1792) Tatnall Map, the two parcels granted to Ms. Thompson are listed as belonging to an Alexander Thompson, likely either her husband or son. In the Fitzwilliam census of 1734, the Thompson family is represented by a John, his wife, and two children (plus one male and one female slave); a second John who was a single man; a Richard Thompson and his wife, four children and five slaves; and at least 11 other Thompsons. This was one of the larger, and therefore presumably longer settled families in the Bahamas at that time.

Alice Thompson’s parcels included a grant of 153 acres in the Thompson’s Bay area of Long Island, issued on 1 February 1791, and another 100 acres in Salt Pond on the same day. The 153-acre parcel in Thompson’s Bay was then indentured to William Armstrong in 1794, by which date her husband had likely died and she left Long Island.

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Alice Thompson

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