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Land Grants

D-74 (100 acres, 27 Mar 1789)

Abraham Greenage. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

Greenage had a child with his wife, Elizabeth, born about 1768 on New Providence, where Greenage was a shopkeeper. He was granted 100 acres in the Cartwright area of Long Island on 27 March 1789. This land was bounded by that of Faith Kelly and Daniel McKenzie, by vacant land, and by the sea. His land was later commuted to Arthur Newman.

His land grant states that he is exempt from paying quit rent for ten years, but does not state that he was a Loyalist. This leads us to question whether this Abraham Greenage may have been a Loyalist, or he was granted a ten year waiver, rather than a two year waiver for another reason.

Reference: DM

Abraham Greenage

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