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Burnt Ground

Land Grants

D-106 (68 acres, 11 Sept 1789), D-56 (740 acres, 22 Jun 1790)

Abraham Eve. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

Abraham Eve was born on or before 2 September 1764 to another Abraham Eve, in the parish of Devonshire in Bermuda, along with numerous other Eve family members. Eve was the son-in-law of Abraham Adderley, having married the latter’s daughter, Martha Adderley (born 29 April 1769, the Bahamas) in July of 1787 in Christ Church Cathedral, New Providence. It seems almost certain that the Adderley and Eve families had remained in close contact from an earlier time when both were living in Bermuda.

We know that Abraham Eve remained in the Bahamas until at least 1822, when he was given the Power of Attorney for John Eve, then living in “Bermuda and Turks.” Although the original land grant of 740 acres was issued in the names of both Adderley and Eve, it seems likely that Eve either never resided on that parcel, or did so briefly, as there is no further record of him on Long Island. We know that he returned to Bermuda, as he was dead by 6 October 1834 in Devonshire.

Reference: Bethel, Hollis Hallett, Bahamas Genealogy.

Abraham Eve

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