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Mangrove Bush

Land Grants

D-22 (100 acres, 2 Sept 1790)

John Hunt. Origin: Old Inhabitant.

John Hunt, who had married on New Providence 2 September 1773, was granted 100 acres on Long Island 2 September 1790. There are numerous references to John Hunt in the old Bahamian records (pre-1776), including as far back as a 1717 list of the pirates who surrendered in Nassau.

However, a John Hunt is listed in Homeward Bound, Appendix E, as a “Proven Loyalist” from Massachusetts who was in the Carlton area of Abaco in 1783. He removed to Cat Island and Long Island and died in 1807. A John Hunt served as a first lieutenant in the Corps of Guides and Pioneers commanded by Colonel Beverly Robinson. Also serving in that Corps were two other men whose names appear as land grantees on Long Island: Captain William McAlpine and second Lieutenant Alexander McDonald.

We believe the Long Island John Hunt was an Old Inhabitant.

References: DM, HB App E.

John Hunt

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