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William Pritchard




D-79 (80 acres, 24 Dec 1788)

William Pritchard. Origin: Old Family Name.

William Pritchard was from East Florida and was granted land on Abaco in 1788 and on Crooked Island in 1790. A William Pritchard received an 80-acre grant on Long Island in the Cartwrights area on 24 December 1788. Pritchard later died on Long Island in 1794. These 80 acres were later commuted to William D. Cartwright.

The surname spelled “Prichard” is listed in the Woodes Rogers 1731 Census on Nassau, New Providence. Joseph Pritchard was born on New Providence 17 May 1760. Overall, we believe this William Pritchard was an Old Family Name.

Reference: HB App E.

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