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Henrietta Current


Old Grays


D-140 (40 acres, 6 Jul 1790)

Henrietta Current. Origin: Old Family Name.

Henrietta Current received 40 acres of land in the Old Grays area of Long Island on 6 July 1790. Her land was bounded by that of William Wilson, vacant land, and by a pond on two sides.
There had been Currents in the Bahamas since at least 1704, in which year a Peter Courent was listed as a signatory in a petition to the Royal Customs Officer for New Providence, documenting the dire circumstances the inhabitants found themselves in after a series of degradations by Spaniards. Then a Peter Current was married on New Providence 29 May 1725, and the last name Current appears in the 1731 and 1740 censuses. In the 1731 census, a “Widow Current” is listed. In the 1740 census, Leah Anderson is listed with her son, Peter Current. It is clear that the Current surname had a long history in the Bahamas.

Reference: DM, Census 1731, 1740

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