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Constance Culmer


Stella Maris


Not on L&S map - Tatnall only

Constance Culmer. Origin: Old Family Name.

A member of the old Bahamian Culmer (Comer/Cullimore/ Comber) family, Constance was granted 40 acres of land in what is now the Stella Maris settlement of Long Island on 6 July 1790. She was granted a 2-year waiver of quit rent, in keeping with her being an Old Inhabitant. Her name appears only on the Tatnall map, where Constance Culmer’s land was bounded by that of Robert Culmer, John Miller, Thomas Culmer, and Barack Morton. This area is shown on the Lands & Surveys map as having been purchased by a late grantee.

Reference: DM, JR

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