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Walter Turnbull




D-25 (287 acres, 16 Dec 1789)

Walter Turnbull. Origin: Loyalist.

Walter Turnbull was a merchant who supplied clothing to the West Florida Royal Foresters. His grant states he was a Loyalist, and he received 287 acres of land in the Stevens area of Long Island on 16 December 1789. The land was bounded by that of Taylor, Denniston, and William McLeod, as well as a salina on two sides.

Turnbull received a grant of 50 acres in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, on 28 July 1785. Long Island grantee John Ferguson also received a land grant in Shelburne, as did a Daniel Sutherland. We have not determined if this was the same John Ferguson who received a land grant on Long Island, but Turnbull and Sutherland are distinctive enough names that we believe these two are the same as our grantees.

References: LSC, Book A.

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