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Thomas Roker


Stella Maris


D-21 (300 acres, 21 Nov 1788)

Thomas Roker. Origin: Loyalist.

Thomas Roker arrived in Philadelphia from England in 1766. In October 1771, he married Mary Crathorne, who then was buried in Philadelphia in 1780. Ms. Parrish writes in her manuscript that she could not learn what caused him to be labeled a “Loyalist” and put on the “Black List.” Sabine says he was attainted of treason and his property confiscated. Roker arrived in the Bahamas in 1778, and stated in a letter to George Chambers that he was a loyalist “bred to accounts.” On 16 April 1784, he married Susannah Lake, who was listed as “white.”

Roker evidently spent much of his time in Nassau. He was Speaker for the House of Assembly for 12 years. He was granted 300 acres of land on 21 November 1788 in the Stella Maris area of Long Island. On 30 April 1794 he advertised his 300-acre plantation for sale. He died on this plantation on 5 October 1797. In his will he listed his four children, vis. Richard, Philip, Elizabeth, and Mary Ann—and stated that his wife was pregnant, and that child shall also inherit. Shortly before he died, the child was born and named George Chambers Roker in honor of Mr. Roker’s friendship with Mr. Chambers. Susannah Lake Roker died 15 April 1821. The names of her children and grandchild are listed in her will.

References: Parrish, FC

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