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Susannah Wylly




D-75 (140 acres, 27 Mar 1789), D-57 (60 acres)

Susannah Wylly. Origin: Loyalist.

Susannah Wylly was the sister of Alexander Campbell Wylly and William Wylly, both Loyalists. Their father, Alexander Wylly, one-time Speaker of the Colonial Assembly of Georgia, was attainted and his Georgia property confiscated. He fled with his family, first to the West Indies, and then to the Bahamas. Susannah’s brother Alexander Campbell Wylly received several land grants on Long Island. Her brother William Wylly indicated in a runaway slave notice in 1800 that his Long Island plantation was named "Colerame."

Miss Wylly was born 1763 in Georgia and arrived in the Bahamas at about eighteen years of age. On 27 March 1789 she was granted 140 acres in the Grays area of Long Island. She also received a land grant in the same area of 60 acres. On 18 March 1790, she married John Anderson, another Georgia refugee. He had served with the British volunteer division during the revolution and received a land grant of 145 in the area of Gordons, Long Island, Bahamas. Anderson became a planter, and he and Susannah lived out their lives in the Bahamas, although the rest of the Wylly family returned to Georgia. John Anderson died in 1838, and Susannah Wylly Anderson died on 11 December 1845. Both are buried in the St. Matthews Church cemetery, Nassau. Their tombstone contains about 300 words of biographical information.

Reference: HB, Peters.

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